Revistă online editată de Uniunea Cineaștilor din România

Premiul pentru publicistică 2015 al Asociaţiei Criticilor de film

The European Film Festival – the edition 21

”The Land of the Rising Film” in Iași will have a cinema

Animation Master class at UNATC, with Radu Igazsag and Cristian Radu

”The Visitor”, a Romanian thriller – the premiere

Premiere ”Far From Here”, a Romanian-American love story

”Portraits in the forest”, a film written and directed by Dinu Tănase

Răzvan Enciu about ”The Rest Is Silence”

Alexandru Papadopol despre ”De ce trag clopotele, Mitică?”

O zi din viața lui Cezar Grumăzescu

Open doors at UNATC 2017: Workshop on film directing with Laurențiu Damian

Special screening Aristoteles Workshop 11

Portrait “Radu Gabrea - In Memoriam”

One World Romania: DVD ”Sahia Vintage III - Children”

Iulia Lumânare about ”The Moromete Family”

“Ana, mon amour”, the national premiere with a Silver Bear from the Berlinale

The director Dan Necșulea, celebrated by the Romanian Filmmakers Union

Event ”George Alexandru” at the Nottara Theatre

Nae Caranfil about ”12:08 East of Bucharest”

”Fixer”, a film by Adrian Sitaru and Adrian Silișteanu

Romanian filmmakers at Berlinale 2017

”The Morning That Will Never End”, CiprianMega`s directorial debut

Cezar Grumăzescu about”Beyond the Hills” and ”Child`s Pose”

”6.9 on Richter Scale”, by NaeCaranfil – official premiere, on the 20th of January

KINOdiseea 2016:  ”That Trip We Took with Dad” preview

Films on DVD: The thriller ”Orizont”, directed by Marian Crișan

One day in the life of Andrei Ciopec

The VIP 2016 film awards

The Anniversary Gala of the Film Studio of the Army

Pătru Păunescu despre ”A fost sau n-a fost?”

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