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“Summer’s Over” opens in theaters on May 5, 2017

     Vara s-a sfârșit / Summer’s Over (directed by Radu Potcoavă) will be showing in movies theatres in Romania starting May 5, 2017.
     This third feature directed by Radu Potcoavă – the first Romanian film to feature children in lead roles in the last 25 years – had its world premiere last year at the Montreal IFF.
     The action is set in a small town by the Danube during summer break. Mircea (Nicholas Bohor) agrees to help Alex (Dan Hurduc) stage his own kidnapping and blackmail the latter’s absent father, unaware of the possible outcomes of such games. 
     “Summer’s over is a film about childhood. It’s about life back in the 90s, when we didn’t have smartphones, tablets or Facebook. When being online equaled hanging out in the school yard, when playing around the neighborhood was seen as an awesome afterschool activity or when baggy jeans and having a Chicago Bulls hat meant attaining the coolest status (as well as making a statement). I made this film while having in mind my childhood friends and, by default, my own childhood. I’m sure each one of us had an Alex around to look up to or an Ioana to be secretly in love with and, above everything, maybe some of us really identified with Mircea, the well-behaved quiet kid. I want the film to remind us of them and of ourselves, even if only for a second”, says director Radu Potcoavă.
     The cast includes: Nicholas Bohor, Dan Hurduc, Ofelia PopiiŞerban Pavlu, Valentin Popescu, Virginia RoginDorian Boguţă, Crina Tofan and Mihai Albu.
     The film is directed by Radu Potcoavă, written by Cristina Bîlea, shot by Oleg Mutu and edited by Cătălin Cristuţiu, while the set-design is done by Mălina Ionescu and the costume design by Svetlana Mihăilescu. The film features an original music score composed by Cristian Călin, included in the soundtrack done by Alex Dragomir.
     The film is produced by Velvet Moraru (ICON Production), with the support of the National Film Center and the financial aid granted by Cinema City.
(Translation by Andreea Mihalcea)

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