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Superkombat Will Produce Action Films with Romanian Actors

     On June 11, 2018, at the Le Château (the Castle at the heart of the Capital) events center, Eduard Irimia announced the most important project in his entrepreneurial career: associating his product, Superkombat, with the action films industry. This thing will be possible by financing and making some action films that will feature both sportsmen and actors from Romania and from other countries, who are under the Superkombat management.
     Alongside Irimia, the event was attended also by two well-known action films producers from Hollywood, Moshe Diamant and Christopher Milburn, who handled budges of over 650 million dollars in productions which had a global distribution. According to the partners, this project implies the making of at least one film per year, starting with 2018, for a minimum five years period.
     The signing of this partnership brings Superkombat to the attention of the international press as the first martial arts circuit which became a shareholder in a company producing Hollywood films. The name chosen by those involved for the new entity is SuperFilm. Christopher Milburn mentioned that he wants the new society to be opened in Bucharest, taking into consideration the fact that our country has the premises of a legal framework which may support the film industry and the investments in this field.
     In front of the people who took part at the event of the signing of the agreement, Eduard Irimia presented the actors that are his proposals for the films from the next period of time: George Piștereanu and Ionuț Iftimoaie, the Superkombat world champion, who already has film experience (secondary roles).
     Besides the announcing of the two, Irimia also presented the most representative sportsmen from the Superkombat circuit. They are also proposals for the future action films or martial arts films of the new company: Alexandru Lungu, Alex Filip, Valentin Boridianu, Adelin Mihăila, Claudiu Alexe și Alex Radnev.
     In the following days, Eduard Irimia will be in Hollywood to prepare the further steps of the collaboration begun with the well-known producers. In September this year the preparations for the first film in which Superkombat will have at least one actor will start.

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