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Strada Film is looking for voices for the documentary “Shouts and Whispers”

     Strada Film will begin production with the documentary feature-length film Shouts and Whispers, directed by Andra Chiriac.
     The film intends to explore the depth of human soul through the human voice, being an incursion in the world of emotions, of repressions, of stifled desires. In order to get back their voices lost mysteriously, the film's characters fight their past hoping that one day they will be able to talk normally again. Such sharing of personal experiences may create the opportunity to meet specialty doctors and thus render easier the path to recovery.
     In order to finalise the research period, the production team is looking for persons of any age who have a voice that is too thin, to sharp, too throaty, too low or persons who cannot speak at all (without having any particular illness).
     All those finding themselves in one of the situations described above, or who know such people, are hereby asked to send an e-mail to 
Shouts and Whispers (working title) was a winner at the session I 2016 of competition held by the National Filmmaking Centre, was successfully presented at international industry markets and has the support of the Romanian phoniatrics doctors.
     Details at:
(Translated by Stela Moise)

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