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Sounds of Bucharest @ Spațiu Docuart

     Sounds of Bucharest @ Spatiu Docuart combines different stories, cultural-historic concepts and brings the atmosphere of the inter-war Bucharest by means of reference images ((#photo and  #video) and music from those days, re-interpreted in an experimental register, assembled in a unique multimedia mélange.
     The event takes place on Sunday, February 9, at 18:30, at Spațiu Docuart. The soundtrack is signed by the Cearcăne artistic group, which integrates a mix of field recordings with contemporary beats, in order to bring closer to the present day the film archive throuch documentaries made between 1932 and 1970. Lala Misosniky and Ana-Maria Irimia are the artists who founded the Cearcăne group. The program opens with the screening of 8 short documentaries from the ANF archives.
     The access is free, upon reservation (limited seats).
     Details: Sounds of Bucharest @ Spațiu Docuart

Tags: ana maria irimia, grup cearcane, lala misosniky, sounds of bucarest, spatiu docuart