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“#selfie69” and the 11 posters

     The promotion campaign for the comedy #Selfie 69 (directed Cristina Iacob) brings a new surprise: 11 stylized posters with 11 characters of the film, each of them being customised according to each character specific traits.
     “I felt that this time each actor deserved their own poster,” Cristina Iacob said. “You will see in the film why. They are real stars! Each poster is linked to a film character and has a hidden message. We worked on them together with a team of professionals, Safe Frame, for several weeks. For example, Roxi, who is a social network addict, has the famous masquerade, filter with laughter tears. Răzvan Vasilescu has green grass all around, since he is looking to buy 1 kilogram... All these show we are going to have some fun seeing this movie from 16 September, in cinemas.”
     The only common denominator of the posters is the convention of the 69 ritual. Other than that, each visual is customised to each specific role.

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