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“#Selfie69” released on big screens on September 16th

     #Selfie 69 (directed by Cristina Iacob) will be launched in Romanian theatres on September 16th.
     The girls in #Selfie, Roxi (Olimpia Melinte), Yasmine (Crina Semciuc) and Ana (Flavia Hojda), must go through all the traps, temptations and dangers arising following a bet that becomes viral on Facebook: which one of them will marry first in three days?! So they leave home to obstinately look for the ring every potential bride is so desperately waiting for. After a few preludes and absolutely unpredictable temptations, the three will find love where they least expected to encounter it!
     The three “macho men” in #Selfie, Magi (Vlad Logigan), Brain (Alex Călin) and Mihai (Levent Sali) will enter the radar of a dangerous human trafficking network whose Supreme Leader is played by legendary actress Maia Morgenstern, making a provocative and atypical role for her prestigious career.
     The following also star in the film: Alina Chivulescu (Cecilia), in a sinful-moves-of-tango relationship with Răzvan Vasilescu (Nea Ceaușu), Dorina ChiriacMarian Râlea, Alex Bogdan, Andrei Huțuleac, together with a number of actors at the beginning of their career or already established, among which: Maria Dinulescu, Mihaela Mihuț, Radu Gabriel, Emilian OpreaRaluca AproduTudor Aaron IstodorSergiu CostacheGeorge PiștereanuRudy RosenfeldCamelia Zorlescu, Con Horgan.
     Loredana Groza, Antonia, Răzvan Fodor, Lidia Buble, Adela Popescu, Radu Vâlcan, Virgil Ianțu, Speak, Codin Maticiuc are among the special guests of the film.

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