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“#selfie69” ranks first in Romania’s box-office

     The super-comedy #Selfie 69 (directed by Cristina Iacob) brought to movie theatres this weekend a number of 63,016 viewers, thus ranking first in the Romanian box-office as number of admissions and money cashed during 19 – 25 September.
     The film was released on September 16th and surpassed during this period all the Hollywood productions present on the big screens in Romania. It is the best week of a Romania film in cinemas of the latest 15 years.
     After its first weekend in theatres (16 – 18 septembrie), #selfie69 was viewed by over 25,000 viewers.
     “When we started on the #selfie adventure, I didn't think we'll get here. For me, every person coming to a theatre to see a Romanian film is a bet won with myself, with my wonderful jog,” Olimpia Melinte said.  “The reason I chose acting was to reach people through my work, to make them identify with my characters, and is a pleasant feeling to see that our story really reaches them. We thank you for believing in us, this time the tables were turned and you made us smile!”, Olimpia continued.
     “Wow! It's wonderful that #selfie69 is so well liked! I am glad that so many people saw the movie,” Vlad Logigan said. “People are having fun at our film, they laugh, they clap their hands. #selfie69 has a very generous dose of well-made action, and the large numbers of viewers prove it is a good film, different from what they have seen in Romania until now. Come to cinema to see #selfie69!”, Vlad added.

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