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Shooting “The Anniversary” by Dan Chișu

     In an old, abandoned boyar house in the middle of Bucharest, the DaKino production team set up a few spaces for the shootings of the Anniversary/ Confession (working title), written and directed by Dan Chișu.
     „The house where you can feel the moths” as Dan Chișu says is the set up of the story of  the  grandpa` s 94th anniversary. On the occasion grandpa (Mircea Albulescu) receives visits from relatives and old colleagues. the story has unity of time and space, so the director counts on the actors` ability to give dramatism to the characters and his choice is quite impressive: Mircea Albulescu, Simona Bondoc, Emanuel Pârvu, Răzvan Vasilescu, Emilia Dobrin, Mădălina Constantin, Frederic Fisbach, Lucian Ifrim, Dana Voicu, Rodica Lazăr, Mircea Andreescu, Papil Panduru, Coca Bloos, Constantin Cojocaru, Mihai Constantin, Marian Râlea and George Remeș. Liviu Pojoni jr. is the director of photography, Alina Pențac is the art director and Dana Roșeanu is the make up artist.
     The team was on the set on the first shooting day when there rehearsals and shooting a long take with Emanuel Pârvu, Mădălina Constantin și Emilia Dobrin. The actor Emanuel Pârvu is a cinical small bank director, but after the shootings he continues his director projects. Mădălina Constantin is the granddaughter that lives in France and cares about her image as a succsessful woman. The actress has lived and worked in France for many years. She is happy to be part of a project back home and she came with her husband, the French actor Frédéric Fisbach, who has a part in the film as well and also with their daughter.
Emilia Dobrin was won over by the script and gave up a theatre project for this film.
The shootings will end by the 1st of July and the premiere will be, probably, in 2016.
Imagine: Dan Țuculescu

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