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FILM Magazine Launches the 1st Issue of 2017

     The latest issue of the magazine features a consistent number of articles dedicated to the evaluation of last year’s film production, grouped together under the title Remember 2016.
     Although written by critics belonging to different generations, there is a general consensus that something has visibly changed and continues to do so in Romanian cinema in regard to aesthetic and thematic trends. According to the editorial, as well as to other articles of this issue, there is a more or less spectacular distancing from the realist-minimalist paradigm and the number of genre films or of films more willing to reconcile with genre conventions is increasing.
     At the moment, Romanian cinema seems more open to various stylistic approaches, interpretations of the past as well as of the present and to various modes of production.
     New names are joining the new wave of renewal, be it directors trained in Romania or abroad. The articles and the reviews depict and interpret this visible process inclined towards variety.
     The comeback of an apparently obsolete genre, the musical, - marked by the release of 6.9 pe Scara Richter / 6.9 on the Richer Sclae directed by Nae Caranfil - has inspired the theme of the current dossier, entitled The Romanian Musical. The dossier includes texts analyzing forerunner attempts in the field, as well as its’ ups and downs.
     The film professionals interviewed in this issue are the director and the actress of Ana, mon amour (selected and awarded at the latest edition of Berlinale), Călin Peter Netzer and Diana Cavallioti, as well as the star of important Romanian musicals, Margareta Pâslaru.
     As always, Film magazine covers the main film festivals. This issue focuses on the Romanian Film Festival in Lisbon, the Rotterdam IFF, IDFA, CineMAiubit, and on the Mediaș IFF.
     This issue’s contributors are Dana DumaMarilena IlieşiuMihai FulgerCristina CorciovescuLaurenţiu DamianAngelo Mitchievici, Doru Pop, Călin CălimanCristian Tudor Popescu, Anca Ioniţă,  Irina TrocanElena DulgheruIoan-Pavel AzapTitus VîjeuCălin Stănculescu, Luminiţa Comşa, Irina Budeanu and Bianca-Olivia Niţă.
(Translation by Andreea Mihalcea)

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