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“Rocket Man 360”, by Millo Simulov, Selected at the Sundance Film Festival 2019

     The second Romanian film selected at the Sundance Film Festival 2019 (from January, 24 to February, 3), after Anca Damian`s The Call, is Rocket Man 360, regizat de Millo Simulov, featuring Anghel Damian and Monica Odagiu. The Spider Production (Gabriela Stefania Hirit, Millo Simulov) will be screened in the section New Frontier – VR Cinema.
     The story written by Filip Columbeanu and Millo Simulov follows an astronaut (Anghel Damian), who a few minutes before leaving to the planet Mars, that he has the mission to colonize, received a VR video from his girlfriend (Monica Odagiu). The VR sequence was shot in a special setting, a special capsule, built by Gabi Ranete.
     This is his second VR film for Millo Simulov and Anghel Damian, after Escape.
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