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The Romanian Filmmakers Union (UCIN) Awards Gala, for the Films of 2017

     During this year`s edition of the UCIN Awards Gala for the films of 2017, the director Laurențiu Damian, the president of UCIN and the actress Manuela Hărăbor presented the awards of the different categories and also the special mentions.
     The jury of this year`s edition, presided by the director Dan Piţa, was made of: Vlad Păunescu, cinematographer, producer, director, Dana Duma, film critic and historian, editor-in-chief of the FILM  magazine, Radu Corciova, production designer, Dana Dogaru, actress, Bogdan Ficeac, writer, screenwriter and journalist, Şerban Marinescu, director and screenwriter for fiction and documentary films,  Magda Mihailescu, film critic, journalist, Laurenţiu Damian, director and screenwriter for documentary and fiction films.

The UCIN awards for 2017 

Grand Prize and the Romanian Filmmakers Union Trophy - Fixer/ Fixeur, directed by Adrian Sitaru, produced by 4Proof  Film
Special Award of the Jury - Ana, mon amour, directed by Călin Peter Netzer
Best Director Award - Călin Peter Netzer for Ana, mon amour
Best Screenplay Award - Daniel Sandu for One Step Behind the Seraphim / Un pas în urma serafimilor,
Best Cinematography Award - Oleg Mutu for In Perfect Health / Perfect sănătos and Summer`s Over / Vara s-a sfârşit.
 Best Costumes Award - Doina Levintza and Adina Bucur for 6.9 on the Richter Scale / 6,9 pe scara Richter
Best Production Design Award - Alexandra Alma Ungureanu for In Perfect Health
Best Actress in a Leading Role Award - Diana Cavallioti for playing Ana in Ana, mon amour
Best Actor in a Leading Role Award - Mircea Postelnicu for playing Toma in Ana, mon amour
Best Actress in a Supporting Role Award - Amalia Ciolan Amalia Ciolan for playing Maria in Offstage
Best Actor in a Supporting Role Award  - Ali Amir Ali Amir for playing Aid in One Step Behind the Seraphim
Best Editing Award - Dana Bunescu for Ana, mon amour
Best Soundtrack Award - Mihai Orăşanu in the Forest and  I Hit Therefore I Am / Lovesc, deci exist
Best Original Score Award -  "Adrian Enescu" Award - Marius Leftărache for One Step Behind the Seraphim
Best Fiction Short Film Award - Adrian Silişteanu for Written/Unwritten  /  Scris/Nescris
Best Feature-Length or Short Documentary Award - Andrei Teodorescu Party Music / Muzică de petrecere 
Best Animation Award - Sergiu Negulici for The Blissful Accidental love / Splendida moarte accident
Best TV Film Award - Liviu Tofan for Braşov 1987, doi ani prea devreme
The Debut Opera Prima „Alexandru Tatos” Award - Emanuel Pârvu for Meda or The not so Bright Side of Things
Best Make-up Award - Dana Roşeanu The Anniversary and Breaking News 
Special mention - Ștefan Iancu for playing the part of Gabriel in One Step Behind the Seraphim

Dan Nuţu, actor
Anuşavan Salamanian, engineer film score
Călin Ghibu, cinematographer
Călin Căliman, critic and film historian (In Memoriam)

The Excellency Award:
Victor Antonescu, animation film director
Maria Neagu, editor
- Dumitru Budrală, director, founder and director of the Astra Festival in Sibiu
- Enache Hărăbor, layout artist at the Bucharest Film Studio
Gheorghe Naghi, director

The Award of the UCIN president was granted to Oana Păunescu, costume designer
The UCIN Special Diploma - Dragoş Hanciu, director of the documentary  Ionaş  Dreams of Rain / Ionaş visează ca plouă
The Excellency Diploma  - Alice Mănoiu, for an entire career dedicated to film criticism and journalism
The awards of the Association of the film critics within UCIN
The “Ioan Cantacuzino Award” for film journalism - Georgiana Muşat for film writings - online and printed version  "Scena 9”, "Film”, ”Film Menu”.
“The George Littera Award” - Titus Vîjeu, for the book "Florin Mihăilescu. Imaginea imaginii de film"
The diploma for the Best Feature Film of the year – Fixeur, directed by Adrian Sitaru

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