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Cinepub Premiere: “Marele jaf comunist”

     The last premiere that CINEPUB brings in 2018 is the documentary The Great Bank Robbery / Marele jaf comunist, directed by Alexandru Solomon
     In August 1959, six former members of the Communist nomenklatura and collaborators of the Security organize a hold-up of a car of the National Bank which contained 1.6 million lei. After being arrested, the state forces them to play their own part in a film which re-enacts the crime and the investigation.
      After that, they are sentenced to death and shot.
     “The best idea of The Great Bank Robbery and the only one that justifies using a film to tell the story of the <hold-up> from 1959 is the way in which Solomon brings together the relatives or friends of the victims with the executioners to watch those images together. The only thing is that the staging doesn`t have the expected effect and the <awakening of the consciousness> doesn`t take place, because the Communist monsters don`t have such a thing, they only have justifications.” (Alex. Leo Șerban
     This episode was told in three Romanian productions: two documentaries and one feature film. The first documentary was Reconstruction made towards the end of 1959 by the “Alexandru Sahia” Film Studio, directed by Virgil Calotescu, the second one was the 2004 documentary directed by Alexandru Solomon, The Great Bank Robbery. The third film was Nae Caranfil`s feature, Closer To The Moon.


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