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Over 500 viewers at the preview screening of “Petrila Planet”

     Planeta Petrila / Petrila Planet (directed by Andrei Dăscălescu) was viewed on Sunday night through a preview screening right in Petrila, the local Culture House being barely able to accommodate the over 500 people who came to see the first film screening in the area in more than 20 years.
     During the day, the visitors and the locals made a tour of the alternative museums created by Ion Barbu (Museum of the Romanian Plumber, Mother's Museum, ID Sîrbu Memorial House), they visited Petrila Mine, closed in October 2015, as part of a tour guided by the former manager of the mine – Constantin Jujan, and they took part of the ceremony of bestowing the title of Honorary Citizen of Petrila Town to Andrei Dăscălescu.  
     Also on 4 June, the opening of the Petrila photo exhibition took place, with images captured by Andrei Dăscălescu over the three years he spent there making the film. The exhibition, set up with the support of Epson, will also be available for viewing in Cluj and Bucharest.
     The following preview screenings of the film will be held in Petroșani –ID Sîrbu Dramatic Theatre (Monday, 5 June), in Cluj, in the selection of the 16th Edition of Transilvania International Film Festival (on 8 and 9 June) an in Tulcea within the Pelicam International Film Festival (11 June).  Petrila Planet will be premiered in movie theatres on 23 June.
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(Translated by Stela Moise)

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