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Paul Negoescu, the ambassador of the European Film Festival 2017

     Paul Negoescu is the ambassador of the European Film Festival 2017 (FFE) edition, carrying on the tradition started over a decade ago to invite directors to make the Festival's promo.
     “For me, cinema is a universal language and I don't feel like dividing it on geographical areas, ethnicities or nationalities. I equally like European, American, Iranian, Japanese etc. films. However, European film carries a special significance for me, because in it I find many of the values I believe in. European cinema is more about the author's vision than financial interest of an investor, and when the author has full creative freedom, authentic, unconventional, bold films are born. Moreover, in this time and age when people are becoming more and more divided, the cinema manages to survive like a social nucleus bringing us all together again, and European film is no exception to that,” Paul Negoescu said.
     Paul directed the promo for the current edition of the Festival starting from his own original idea and illustrating his passion for European cinema. At the same time, in agreement with the Festival's new direction, the promo hints to the cinema's ability to stir not only emotion, but also debate, a chapter where European film is excelling. 

     The ambassadors of the former FFE editions were: Anca Damian (2016), Tudor Giurgiu (2015),  Adrian Sitaru (2014), Cătălin Mitulescu (2012),  Radu Muntean (2011),  Radu Jude (2010), Marian Crișan  (2009), Cristian Mungiu  (2008),  Corneliu Porumboiu (2007) and Cristi Puiu (2006).

     The European Film Festival will be held in Bucharest (4 – 11 May), Iași (12 – 14 May), Tîrgu Mureș (19 -21 May), Gura Humorului (19 – 21 May) and Timișoara (26 – 28 May).
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(Translated by Stela Moise)

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