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Participants to the second edition of Pustnik Residency

     The second edition of Pustnik Residency was submitted 28 applications from 14 European countries (Hungary, Denmark, Belgium, UK, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, Bulgaria, Norway, Romania).
     Following the selection process carried out by Andreea Borțun (director/screenwriter, Romania) and Bryn Chainey (director/screenwriter, Australia/UK), the 2016 residency program will be attended by Romanian 3 directors/screenwriters and by 5 foreign ones: Giacomo Abbruzzese (Lust, crime, holiness, Italy), Tudor Botezatu (The mind patrol, Romania), Anton Breum (After the attack, Denmark), Anca Buja (Zur, Romania), Jacqueline Lentzou (Selini 66, Greece), Emily Marcuson (Stevenson Street, Great Britain), Andrei Răuțu (Out of mirage, Romania) and Pilar Palomero (Former education, Spain).
     „This year's projects are quite varied as regards the theme and genre. Several of them bring into focus contemporary issues such as education, migration or terrorism. Others are deeply personal stories inspired by real events. This year's selection was a true challenge, the number of applicants reaching 28. Their quality was well above average, which is why we decided to supplement the residency by one more place for European participants. Projects such as Pustnik are a must within the local context and I am very glad that a screenwriters' residency benefits from support in Romania.” (Andreea Borțun, co-curator/co-founder of Pustnik)
     The residency will be hosted this year by the Cetate Cultural Port, and will unfold between 5-12 June. The first four days will be dedicated to writing sessions, and on June 10th, the residents will take part to an oral storytelling workshop hosted by Anca Ioniță, and to a virtual reality storytelling workshop with Johan Knattrup Jensen.
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