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P.O.V.E.S.T.E. – animation workshop with Paul Mureșan, at Anim’est 2015

   The Anim`est Animation Film Festival coordinates a series of events for young professionals and for the audience interested in the animation technique. Besides the Animation Worksheep program, during the 2015 Anim`est some other educational projects happened: Project Worksheep (a pitch that brings the winner a 1000 $ award, during which the participants work on the script and presentation together with industry professionals), Minimest (a workshop for children, led by Ion Aramă and Serghei Chivriga) and P.O.V.E.S.T.E. (for teenagers).
     The 10 teenagers that entered the P.O.V.E.S.T.E. workshop, had Paul Mureșan as their trainer. He is the winner of the 2014 Anim`est Best Romanian short film and the winner of the 2015 NexT IFF Pitch contest with the project Mom, Dad, There`s Something I Have to Tell You.
Paul also received the Project Worksheep award at this year`s edition.
The workshop took place at the Re:Animation Hub (Carol Bd, no.53) it ran for 4 days, during which the kids learned to work with different drawing techniques. At the end of the program, they organized an exhibition at Cinema Studio, on the night the films from the Romanian competition were screened.
During the workshop we paid a visit to Paul and the kids and we found out more about the program and about what they prepared for the exhibition.

Imagine: Dan Țuculescu

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