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One World Romania: „The Events in Hungary” and „Born in April”

     The fifth day of One World Romania Festival brings today two special events: the short The Events in Hungary (1957, directed by Herman Rabinovici) and the documentary Born in April (work-in progress, directed by Adrian Pîrvu).
     The documentary features will be followed by debates. The talk to follow the short will be moderated by Adina Brădeanu, and the guests will be Ștefan Bosomitu (IICCMER) and Adrian Cioflîncă (Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iași). Born in April is part of the event „Chernobyl – After 30 Years”: the director's mother travelled to Ukraine in April of 1986, being pregnant with Adrian, who was born with health problems. Currently, he is working on a feature about his generation, those whose life was marked by the nuclear accident in Chernobyl.
     Both screenings will be held at the Czech Centre.
     The recommendation of the day is Every Face Has a Name (directed by Magnus Gertten), at Eforie Cinema, from 4:00 pm. On April 28th, 1945, ships with Nazi concentration camps' survivors arrived in the port of Malmö, Sweden, and cameras recorded this event. Seventy years later, director Magnus Gertten managed to identify several of the persons in the material filmed in 1945 and invited them to talk about the joy, confusion and anxiety associated with that event when their lives began again. 
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