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The New Season “Shadows” Premieres on November 20, on HBO

     The third season of the HBO Europe production Shadows/ Umbrewritten and directed by Bogdan Mirică, will have the premiere on November 20, 2019, on HBO and HBO GO. The new season has 7 episodes.
     After the second season which prefaced Relu`s confrontation with Emilian, Shadows 3 finds Relu in his attempt to escape the traps that Emilian set for him. Relu won`t stop at nothing, because not only his freedom is on the line, but the entire operation of the interlopers “family” that he is a part of. The stakes are higher and higher, Nicu is about to expand the empire and Relu becomes his right hand. On this mined chess table, a mind duel between Emilian and Relu, Nico becomes a pawn playing the game of both teams for her own survival. In the meantime, Relu`s real family is falling apart. Out of inertia, Gina ccepts Sebastian`s presence n her life and imposes it to Chuckie, who got out of control. The implosion of Relu`s double life seems to be final and his humanity seems to be irrevocably compromised.
     Soon, the fans of the TV series will have the chance to meet again Șerban Pavlu - Relu Oncescu, Maria Obretin - Gina Oncescu, Laurențiu Bănescu - Emilian, Andreea Vasile - Nico, Costel Cașcaval - Nicu, Doru Ana - Căpitanu, Mădălina Craiu - Magda, Gabi Huian - Teddy, Dan Hurduc – Chuckie, Mihai Călin – Sebastian, Ștefan Velniciuc - Nea Puiu, Sergiu Costache - Sabin, Augustin Viziru - Romică, Vitalie Bantaș - Paganel and many more.
     The HBO Europe executive producers are Steve Matthews, Johnathan Young, Antony Root. Alina David is an HBO Europe producer.
     For Shadows 3, HBO Europe continues the successful collaboration with Multi Media Est, represented by the producers Dragoş Vîlcu and Valentin Antofi.
     The first two seasons of the series are available on HBO GO.
     Shadows is an adaptation of the “Small Time Gangster”, a format created by Boilermaker Burberry and licensed by DRG Formats.

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