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Nominalizările pentru Premiile UCIN 2020

     Following the tradition started in 1972, The Romanian Filmmakers Union will reward the best film productions of the previous year during the UCIN Awards Gala 2020. The 48th edition of the UCIN Awards Gala will take place on September 21, 2020, at the Studio Hall of the National Theatre in Bucharest, following all the precaution and security sanitary measures dictated by the state of urgency.
     The UCIN Awards Gala 2020 is an event organized by the Romanian Filmmakers Union in partnership with the Romanian Film Centre, a project financed by the Ministry of Culture, Romanian Cultural Institute and produced by Revolver. The UCIN Awards Gala will be streamed live on Facebook.

This year the nominations are:

Grand Prize and UCIN Trophy
     The Whistlers / La Gomera, directed by Corneliu Porumboiu
     The Cardinal / Cardinalul, directed by  Nicolae Mărgineanu
     Marona`s Fantastic Tale / Călătoria fantastică a Maronei, directed by  Anca Damian
Special Prize of the Jury
     Marona`s Fantastic Tale, directed by Anca Damian
     Between Pain and Amen / Între Chin și Amin, directed by Toma Enache
     Queen Marie of Romania / Maria, Regina României, directed by Alexis Sweet Cahill

„Lucian Pintilie” Best Director Award
     Tudor Giurgiu, for Parking
     Marius Olteanu, for Monsters/ Monștri
     Cătălin Mitulescu, for Heidi
Best Screenplay Award
     Bogdan Toma, Liviu Săndulescu for Cărturan
     Elena Enache, Toma Enache, Eugen Cojocariu for Between Pain and Amen
     Marin Mălaicu-Hondrari,Tudor Giurgiu for Parking
     Brigitte Drodtloff, Marie-Denise Theodoru for Queen Marie of Romania
Best Cinematography Award
     Gabriel Kosuth for The Cardinal and Queen Marie of Romania
     Marius Panduru for Parking
     Tudor Mircea for The Whistlers

Best Costumes Award
     Ana Ioneci, Claudia Bunea for Queen Marie of Romania
     Luminița Mihai for The Cardinal
     Cireșica Cuciuc for Heidi

Best Set Design Award
     Nora Dumitrescu, Laura Russu for Queen Marie of Romania
     Sonia Nolla for Parking
     Dumitru Nicodim for The Cardinal

Best Actress in a Leading Role Award
     Judith State for the part of Dana in Monsters / Monștri.
     Dana Rogoz, for the part of Mo in Mo
     Roxana Lupu for the part of Queen Marie in Queen Marie of Romania
Best Actor in a Leading Role Award
     Constantin Cotimanis for the part of Ciumău in Between Pain and Amen
     Radu Botar for the part of Bishop Iuliu Hossu in The Cardinal
     Mihai Smarandache for the part of Adrian in Parking

Best Actress in a Secondary Role Award
     Julieta Szonyi for the part of Mother in The Whistlers 
     Mădălina Craiu for the part of Vera in Mo
     Coca Bloos for the part of Mother Tia in Zavera

Best Actor in a Secondary Role Award
     Richard Bovnoczki for the part of Enache Viziran in The Cardinal
     Anghel Damian for the part Prince Carol in Queen Marie of Romania
     Bogdan Dumitrache for the part of Chirvasiu in Heidi
Best Editing Award
     Nita Chivulescu for Cardinalul
     Roxana Szel for The Whistlers 
     Ruxandra Mihai for Between Pain and Amen

Best Sound Award
     Andre Rigaut, Niklas Skarp, Christian Holm for The Whistlers
     Lukas Moudry si Diana Sagrista for Parking     
Ioan Filip și Dan Ștefan Rucăreanu for Monsters
     Cristinel Șirli for Queen Marie of Romania

"Adrian Enescu" Best Original Music Award
     Pablo Pico for Marona`s Fantastic Tale
     Cornel Țăranu for The Cardinal
     Cristian Lolea for Zavera
Best Short Film Award
     Celed, directed by Anghel Damian
     Havana, Cuba, directed by Andrei Huțuleac
     The Afghanistans / Afganistanii, directed by Adrian Silișteanu

Best Feature-Length Documentary Award
     Timebox, directed by Nora Agapi
     Jurnalul familiei –escu, directed by Șerban Georgescu
     The Distance Between Me and Me / Distanța dintre mine și mine, directed by Mona Nicoară and Dana Bunescu
Best Short Film Documentary Award
     Creativ, directed by Ioana Grigore
     Ultimul preot, directed by Alma Buhagiar
     El iubește ochii mei, directed by Enxhi Rista

Best Animated Film Award

     Marona`s Fantastic Tale, directed by Anca Damian
     My Father`s Shoes / Opinci, directed by Anton Damian Groves
     What the Heck Should I Write About? / Despre ce naiba să scriu?, directed by Matei Monoranu
Best Television Film Award
     1989-Decembrie Roșu, directed by Răzvan Butaru and Cornel Mihalache
     Queen Mother Elena, Queen of the 4 exiles / Regina Mamă Elena, Regina celor 4 exiluri, directed by Camelia Csiki
     Arsenie Boca – Truth, Myth, Mistification / Arsenie Boca - Adevăr, Mit, Mistificare, directed by Cristina Andrei
"Alexandru Tatos" Opera Prima Award
     Mo, directed by Radu Dragomir
     Monsters., directed by Marius Olteanu
     Cărturan, directed by Liviu Săndulescu
Best Make-Up Award
     Nastasia Mateiu, Clara Tudose for Queen Marie of Romania     Florina Mărcuță for Between Pain and Amen
     Ticulina Truică for The Cardinal
Best Film Hopes Award
     Vânătoare de hipopotami, directed by Germain Kanda
     The Last Priest / Ultimul preot, directed by Alma Buhagiar
     Counterindications / Contraindicații, directed by Lucia Chicoș
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