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“Meda or The Not So Bright Side of Things”, Screened at Europa 61

     From May 16 to 22, 2019, Cinema Trindade from Porto hosts the European Film Week, which intends to reflect upon the idea of Europe in between two very important dates for the European Union: May 9 (Europe Day) and May 26 (the elections for the European Parliament). Romania will be represented by the feature film Meda or The Not SO Bright Side of Things / Meda sau Partea nu prea fericită a lucrurilor (directed by Emanuel Pârvu, 2017), featuring Șerban PavluAna RaduFlorin Zamfirescu and  Adrian Titieni. The screenings will take place on May 19, at 19:00 and on May 20, at 17:00.
     The title of the film festival – Europa 61 – is an indirect allusion to one of the most important European films, Europa 51, directed by Roberto Rossellini; and also to the anniversary of the European Union, which has its 61st celebration (the European Economic Community became effective on January 1, 1958). The festival intends to celebrate Europe as a cultural, social and political identity by means of screening 14 films from 14 different countries (Germany, Austria, Croatia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Great Britain, Czech Republic and Romania). All of them are important for understanding what Europe today means. The French Revolution, the Second World War, the Prague Spring, the emigration or the children`s rights are but some of the themes explored in this programming.
     Details: Institutul Cultural Român

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