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Masterclass #7 with Ela Ionescu & Valeriu Andriuță

     The 7th masterclass organized by the Romanian Film Development Association took place last week at the POINT.
     The students and the young people passionate about film filled all the 70 seats, eagerly wanting to learn as many things as possible about the differences and the resemblances between the stage acting and the film acting. Ela Ionescu andi Valeriu Andriuță discussed about the specific of the film acting: how the theatre school helps you in the film acting, what is the relationship of an actor with the film crew, or how it contributes to the professional evolution, the career successes and failures.
     In a very relaxed atmosphere, the participants were invited to express their curiosity and ask our guests direct questions. Ela Ionescu and Valeriu Andriuță answered the challenging questions with study cases from their experiences. This month`s masterclass ended with a series of practical and useful advice for the first steps in the acting career.
     Student Hub is a platform dedicated to the film and arts students, started by the Romanian Film Development Association, which intends to organize professional development events where the students have the chance to meet professionals of the film industry and at the same time to discover the craft secrets in the light of the experience they gathered.  In the past two years, the Student Hub members met  Bogdan MiricăIvana Mladenović, Adrian Schiop, Mihai ChirilovAnamaria AntociDana Bunescu and Cătălin Anchidin.
     POINT is an independent cultural hub, whose program explores performative artistic creations with interdisciplinary character, participative, emergent art, educational  initiatives and research of some problems of general interest. The mission is to develop an artistic ground favourable to all arts that have the power to slowly change the world around us
     Detailis: Student Hub // Asociația de Dezvoltare a Filmului Românesc // POINT

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