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The Competition Lineup – ANONIMUL 15

     The ANONIMUL International Independent Film Festival, which will take place in Sfântu Gheorghe, Danube Delta, from August 6 to 12, 2018, announces the six films selected by Ludmila Cvikova for the feature film competition.
     Disappearance (directed by Ali Asgari, Iran- Qatar, 2017) had the world premiere in the Orizzonti Competition of the 2017 Venice International Film Festival. At the ANONIMUL 2017, the director Ali Asgari, together with Farnoosh Samadi received the Ovidiu Bose Paștină Award for the short film The Silence.
     3/4 / Three Quarters (directed by Ilian Metev, Germany-Bulgaria, 2017) received the Golden Leopard of the Cineasti Del Presente section of the Locarno Film Festival, 2017.
     Djon Africa (directed by Filipa Reis and João Miller Guerra, Portugal, 2018) had the world premiere in the Hivos Tiger Competition of the Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2018.
     Nervous Translation (directed by Shireen Seno, Philippines, 2018) won the NETPAC award of the Rotterdam International Film Festival, 2018.
     Under the Tree (directed by Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson, Iceland-Denmark- Poland- Germany, 2017) had the world premiere during the Orizzonti Competition of the Venice International Film Festival, 2017.
     The Secret of happiness / Secretul fericirii, the feature directorial debut of the actor Vlad Zamfirescu is the Romanian entry in the feature film competition. Initially Vlad Zamfirescu staged a theatre performance at the Godot Café Theatre based on a text written by Alexandru Popa. The film follows two friends who discover that the happiness of one of them depends on the other one`s misery, because the happiness resources are limited. The film features the actors Teo Marton, Irina Velcescu și Vlad Zamfirescu. The world premiere happened at the 2018 Transilvania International Film Festival. The six titles compete for the ANONIMUL Trophy which is given based exclusively on the vote of the viewers who will attend the festival in Sfântu Gheorghe.
     Over 400 short films from 46 countries were submitted for the International Short Film Competition and for the Romanian Short Film Competition. The selection was made by the film critic Ionuț Mareș.
     “The diversity is important, both geographically and culturally, so much the more since the cinema is an opening to other worlds, other than the ones we are used to. But that doesn`t mean that we paid more attention to their diversity than to their value. On the contrary: the unexpected and mixed origins of the films came implicitly, only after meeting the most important criterion which should always be the quality of the film discourses (originality + audacity). I hope that each of the 14 selected international short films will surprise you! The Romanian competition includes 12 titles. It is a selection that combines already established names (in short film directing and even feature film directing) with young and very young filmmakers that are at the beginning of their career. A new tendency reflected by this selection seems to be some actors` desire to start on a directing journey as well. And they do it in a very promising way”, Ionuț Mareș says.

International Short Film Competition: 
The Knife Salesman, directed by Jamie Helmer & Michael Leonard, Australia;
Denise, directed by Rossella Inglese, Italy;
I’m Cold Meat, directed by Romain Laguna, France;
Driving Lesson, directed by Jarno Lindemark, Finland;
Ridgeland, directed by Taylor MacDonald, USA;
Jodilerks dela Cruz, Employee of the Month, directed by Carlo Francisco Manatad, Filipine- Singapore;
Retouch, directed by Kaveh Mazaheri, Iran;
Mirage, directed by Emiliano Granada Ortega, Spain;
A Cold Summer, directed by Ji Qiaowei, China- France;
Letters, directed by Alexander Savarsky, Russia;
Mother, directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Spain;
Like a Good Kid, directed by Arian Vazirdaftari, Iran;
No Mileage, directed by Jack Wake-Walker, Columbia;
Accelerate, directed by Dian Weys, South Africa

Romanian Short Film Competition:
The Seagull / Pescărușul, directed by Alex Baciu și Maria Popistașu;
Lame Duck, directed by Cristian Bota;
Michelangelo directed by Anghel Damian;
April, Dream / Aprilie, vis, regia Andrei Inizian;
Silence / Liniște, directed by Alex Iureș;
First Strike / Prima lovitură, directed by Peter Kerek;
8, directed by Mihai Pârcălabu;
Everything is Far Away / Totul e foarte departe, directed by Emanuel Pârvu;
Date Night directed by Stela Pelin;
The Stranger / Străinul, directed by Alexandru Ranta;
The Emigrants / Emigranții, directed by Andra Salaoru;
The Mistery of a Simple Case / Misterul unui caz simplu, directed by Vera Surățel.

     The 14 international short films and the 12 Romanian ones compete for the Best International Short Film Award and for the Best Romanian Short Film Award, given by the audience.
     The 15th edition of the ANONIMUL International Independent Film festival is organized by the Anonimul Association and the FAMart Association.

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