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Film Menu #26 release and screening of “Videograms of a Revolution” 

     On Thursday, 28 July, from 20.30, the release of Film Menu #26 will take place, at Manasia Hub (13 Stelea Spătarul Street, Bucharest). Furthermore, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the screening of the feature Videograme dintr-o revoluție / Videograms from a Revolution (1992, directed by Andrei Ujică and Harun Farocki), from 21.00. Admission is free of charge and we expect you all to celebrate together the new issue of the magazine.
     Film critic Andrei Gorzo publishes the first part of his study dedicated to the film Videograms fo a Revolution, made within the cinema education programme coordinated by the NexT Cultural Society, Éducation à l’image.
     The screening will be held in partnership with the NexT Cultural Society.
     The file of this issue is committed to political films, or to those approaching subjects confronting the status quo. The file's content includes the following essays: “Revoluționari și revoluții. Scurtă interogare a formelor politicului în cinema” / “Revolutionaries and Revolutions. Short Interrogations of Politics in Cinema” (by Georgiana Madin), “Revoluția Mexicană de-a lungul secolului filmului” / “Mexican Revolution along Film Centuries” (by Alexandru Vizitiu), “Nesatisfăcuți. Noul public și cinematograful american în timpul revoluției sexuale” / “Unsatisfied. The New Audience and American Cinema during Sex Revolution” (by Alexandru Mircioi), “Grey Gardens: cronica unei clase sociale dispărute” / “Grey Gardens: The Chronicle of a Vanished Social Class” (by Andrei Luca) and “Joris Ivens – olandezul călător al documentarului” / “Joris Ivens – the Traveling Dutchman of the Documentary” (by Alexandra Para).
     The review column includes reviews of films such as: Tangerine (directed by Sean Baker), Anomalisa (directed by Duke Johnson, Charlie Kaufman), Saul fia/Son of Saul (directed by László Nemes), Mistress America (directed by Noah Baumbach), Orizont (directed by Marian Crișan), Carol (directed by Todd Haynes), Taxi Teheran (directed by Jafar Panahi), Eisenstein in Guanajuato (directed by Peter Greenaway), The Lobster (directed by Yorgos Lanthimos), Right Now, Wrong Then (directed by Hong Sang-soo), Hail, Caesar (directed by Joel și Ethan Coen) and The Big Short (directed by Adam McKay).
     The festivals' section has reviews from three Bucharest festivals: Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival, One World Romania and NexT International Film Festival.
     Moreover, the magazine includes a lengthy essay dedicated to Jean-Luc Godard, written by Anca Tăbleț.
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