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One World Romania: DVD ”Sahia Vintage III - Children”

    For several years, Alexandru Solomon and Adina Brădeanu, the member of the selection board, have been engaging in a processof saving, popularizing and contextualizing of the film archives of the Sahia Studio. One World Romania, the International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival constantly schedules screenings of Sahia short films, which are followed by q&a sessions with the viewers; it also initiated a collection of DVDs -Sahia Vintage and from the end of last year, it has taken these films to the high schools all over the country, as part of the project ”The recovery of the Romanian documentary heritage”
     On the 1st of March, the Cărturești Verona Book Store hosted the event of releasing the third DVD of the series Sahia Vintage: Children, which put together the following films:  Let All the Children Smile / Să zâmbească toți copiii (Márta Mészáros, 1957), The Children on the World of the Grown-ups / Cei mici despre lumea mare (Gabriel Barta, 1960), The School from the Meri Village / Școala de la Meri (Jean Petrovici, 1964), Who Is to Blame? / A cui e vina? (FloricaHolban, 1965), The Adolescence / Adolescența (Florica and Paul Holban, 1970), Craiova Seen from the Cart / Craiova văzută din car (Titus Mesaroș, 1964), Meeting with Parents / Ședință cu părinții (Paula and Doru Segall, 1980), The A B C / Abecedarul (Paula andDoruSegall, 1983), On the Banks of Ozana / Pe malul Ozanei (Copel Moscu, 1984), The Graduates / Absolvenții (Paula and Doru Segall, 1986).
     The event was followed by the screening of two documentaries produced by the Sahia Studio, The Adolescence (directed by Florica și Paul Holban) and On the Banks of Ozana (directed by Copel Moscu), and a discussion with the psychologist Maria Iordănescu, the writer Iulian Tănase, the researcher Adina Brădeanu and the director  Alexandru Solomon. Two filmmakers from the Sahia Studio also attended the event: the director Copel Moscu and the editor Mira Acristei Popia; they were invited to speak about the way the studio worked.

     Adina Brădeanu is the person in charge of the film selection for the Sahia Vintage collection. Adina Tols us some things about the theme of this DVD: “This Sahia Vintage: Children is the third DVD of the series. We started witha more general DVD, because two years ago we wanted to test the market and see who would still be interested in the Sahia productions, after a long period of forgetfulness. We were glad to discover that the interest in the Sahia films arose, so we started preparing the next ones around one theme each. The second one had the work as its theme and this third one has the children as the theme. Somehow, we chose these themes because each of them allowed me to speak not only about the work in Socialism and its representation, but also about the work of the documentarians. As for the children, we chose that theme because it allowed us to speak not only about childhood in the Communist years and about the representation of childhood, but also about the family-like relationships inside the Sahia Studio team. Why am I saying this? Because on a personal level, my interest for the Sahia Studio has something to do with its productions, but also with the institutional culture, with the interpersonal relationships, which catalyzed a certain configuration of the documentary which was produced there.”
Cinematography: Nicolae Cara
Translation: Iulia necoara

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