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Book Launch – „Sala de cinema. Cinebucurești. 100 de ani de modernitate”

     At the Mihai Eminescu Bookstore in Bucharest, on Wednesday, November 14 (from 18:00), the Pro Cultura Publishing House  organizes the first of the two events dedicated to the launch of the collective volume „Sala de cinema. Cinebucurești. 100 de ani de modernitate”, written by Mihaela Pelteacu and Laurențiu Damian.
Alongside the book authors, the special guests of the event are Prof. univ.dr. architect Mircea Ochinciuc and Conf. univ. dr. Vlad Leu, cinematographer, The discussion about architecture and film will be moderated by Ruxandra Fulger, the editor-in-chief of the Romanian Cinematheque.
As a result of the cultural project “CineBucurești. 100 de ani de modernitate”, initiated by the Pro Cultura Association, the volume “Sala de cinema” published in a bilingual version (Romanian – English), continues the endeavour for supporting the re-discovery and the valorization of the cinema halls, both for their architectural and urban qualities and for the only way of preserving the film as a work of art.
The approach of the authors starts from a personal perception that acknowledges the founding relationship between cinema hall and the modern city and supports, adding to other efforts, the recuperation and the reactivation of the historic cinema halls in the city center. By analyzing the screening spaces, the book identifies a particular urban topography that the cinema hall - in relationship with the habitation – generated in the city, an interesting solidarity, looked upon from a architectural-urban perspective and from a cinematographic one.
The event-launch will continue on Friday, November 23, 2018, at 18:00, at the Eforie Cineatheque – Jean Georgescu Hall, with debates followed by the screening of the film Manhattan Murder Mystery (directed by Woody Allen). Ioana Lupescu and the members of the București Swing Dance Society members will also attend the event.
     Details: Radio România Cultural

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