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Interview of the week with Valeriu Jereghi

         Valeriu Jereghi is a European filmmaker. His professional roads haven`t taken him for 40 years (he made his debut in 1977 with the short film Good Morning!) only between Chișinău – where he made some of his film studies and where he also lives, Moscow – where he studied film directing at the famous VGIK and where he lived for a while and Bucharest – where he made the film Foreboding / Și va fi... (1991) and where he returns from time to time, but also in Germany, France, Austria – where he made several documentaries.  Ever since I met him on the set of the feature film he made in Romania, in the lunar landscape of the Muddy Volcanoes, it`s been quite a while and the fate of that film was quite dramatic. On the occasion of the   European Film Festival, the 2017 edition he was invited as a guest and as the director of the National Film Fund of the Republic of Moldova; we took that opportunity and we sat and talked: we brought back memories and we made the absolutely necessary updates.

Imagine: Valeriu Ciubotaru
Montaj: Radu Georgescu
Translation: Iulia Necoara

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