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Call for Entry for the Docuart Academy Courses

     The Docuart Academy organizes two courses this fall, “History of cinema” and “Study about the portrait”. The participation fee for the first one is 900 lei and for the second one is 850 lei. You can sign up until September 22.
     “The history of cinema” is an introductory course of 12 classes, taught by Anca Grădinariu. “The theoretical part will cover the invention of the major film techniques, the creation of Hollywood and currents such as expressionism or surrealism. It will continue with the introducing of sound, the beginnings of the film industry, the golden age of the Hollywood studios and with the development of the author cinema after the Second World War in Italy (neo-realism), France (nouvelle vague) and England (free cinema). The course will study the impact the films had on the global popular culture: the way the most important genres evolved (horror, noir, SF, melodrama), the big changes in film directing starting with the `60s, the explosion of the independent film and of the new American cinema in the `70s and the `80s, the discovery of the Asian cinema, as well as the latest trends in the international film directing (from 1989 to the present moment) and culminating with the establishing of the <Romanian New Wave>. The last two classes will focus on the work and the specificity of some great filmmakers such as Bergman, Tarkovsky, Hitchcock, Fellini, Cassavetes”, according to the description on the official site of the Docuart Academy.
     The entire course of 12 classes costs 900 lei and you can sign up until September 22, 2019.
     “Study about the portrait” is an introductory course on the history of the portrait and it is held by Ana Negoiță, who is an art historian and curator. “The course combines theoretical presentations and exercises of analyzing and interpreting the image. […] The theoretical part of the course integrates the practical presentation of the main techniques used in the portrait, the stylistic changes that were produced according to the age and the integration of the new materials and media: photography, video performance, installations, film, etc. […] The main chronological stages that are referred to are: the portrait in Antiquity, in the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque and rococo, the 19th century and the 20th century. “
     The course of 8 classes costs 850 lei and you can sign up until September 20, 2019.
     Details: Academia Docuart – Istoria cinema-ului // Studiu despre portret