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Call for Entries at the CINEIMPACT Film Academy 2018

     The CINEIMPACT Film Summer Academy invites you to an international program of Art and Social Cinema dedicated to the visual stories made by means of the documentary.
     Through the film and visual anthropology methods, the Academy wishes to stimulate innovation in the field of the documentary and of the relationship between fiction and non-fiction, as well as that of the social activism.
     From August 25 to September 7, 2018, the fourth edition of the CINEIMPACT Film Academy will take place in the Câmpulung-Muscel area – a region chosen for its exceptional heritage.
If you have experience in film directing, visual anthropology, visual arts, visual activism, then you are among the eligible candidates that, by the end of the CINEIMPACT Summer Academy, may win a grant for the best project in the program.
     The best 12 students and professionals will be invited to attend the 14 days of CINEIMPACT adventure. The participants will be guided in this cognitive-creative adventure by four tutors: Ger Duizjings, anthropologist and experimental documentaries filmmaker, Prof. Regensuburg Uni, Director of the Urban Laboratory – University College of London; Vintilă Mihăilescu – anthropologist and a jury member of many prestigious film festivals, Prof. SNSPA, PhD Coordinator; Ionuț Pițurescu – filmmaker and anthropologist, winner of the Quinzaines des Realisateurs  and of the Cinefondation Atelier section at Cannes 2010/2015, Dr. in Sociology and Visual Anthropology).
     During the different stages of research, development, production and post-production, the participants will be inspired by the masterclasses of some experts, guests of the event. All the 12 authors of the films made here will be supported in building a good strategy of distributing their film projects.

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