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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

”Fixer”, a film by Adrian Sitaru and Adrian Silișteanu

     For three years, the director Adrian Sitaru has developed two projects: Fixer / Fixeur and Illegitimate / Ilegitim. The first feature that was out in the cinemas was Illegitimate, a special project that he worked on with Alina Grigore and with the students of her acting school, Inlight. The film was awarded at the Berlinale Forum 2016 and was appreciated for its originality.
     Fixer has a screenplay written by Adrian and Claudia Silișteanu, Adrian Sitaru and Răzvan Rădulescu. The story is based on Silișteanu`s experience of working as a fixer – in 2000 he did this job. The fixer solves everything for the foreign journalists who come from abroad. One of the reports that he had worked on represents the starting point of the film story – some teenage girls were sent to France for prostitution and are sent back home by the French authorities. 
In the film, the French journalists (Mehdi Nebbou, Nicolas Wanczycki) come to Romania for the case of such a girl; there is a fixer waiting to help them. (Tudor Aaron Istodor).The investigation, travelling to the north of the country where that girl and her family are, the implication of some authorities, the local mafia, the fear and the morality of the journalistic endeavor are the keys of this story directed by Sitaru, shot by Adrian Silișteanu and produced by Anamaria Antoci for 4Proof Film.
     The casting calls for choosing the girl led to the making of the short film Art / Artă; its theme is the difficulty of making choices without affecting the ones that are involved. SitarușiSilișteanu very thoroughly thought about the fact that any artistic implication might be abusive for a child.
     For the part he played in this feature film, Tudor Aaron Istodor was selected  to represent Romaniain the Shooting Stars program at theBerlinale 2017.
Adrian Sitaru, ClaudiaSilișteanu, Adrian Silișteanu and Tudor Aaron Istodor were present at the press conference.
The Aarc team was on the set of the Fixer.

Cinematography: Valeriu Ciubotaru

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