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The BUZZ CEE Film Festival Is About to Start

     The third edition of the BUZZ CEE International Film Festival will take place from July 2 to 8, 2018, in Buzău. The festival includes an international competition which intends to promote good quality productions of film directors coming from the countries of Central and South-Esat Europe. The sections of the festival are: feature films, documentaries, short films and student short films.
     “We are thrilled that we already reached the third edition of BUZZ CEE. Ever since 2016, the local people showed their interest towards this idea and last year we had over 6,000 viewers in the screening rooms[…]” Mihaela Constantinescu, the BUZZ CEE director said.
     This year approximately 2,000 films from 25 countries were submitted and the festival will screen over 60 productions in competition and in special screening events, during the 7 festival days.
     “I am glad that with the support of the Buzău City Hall, the International Film Festival reached its third edition and that for a whole week the audiences will be able to watch very good productions from Romania and Europe. This year we celebrate the Great Union Centennial and BUZZ CEE will screen a few important Romanian films that are relevant for this event.” Constantin Toma, the Mayor of Buzău added.
     Among the films submitted in the feature film competition there is The Secret of Happiness / Secretul fericirii, a Romanian comedy directed by Vlad Zamfirescu. On one evening spent with some friends, Toma pushes his wife and his friend towards situations that are more than absurd, trying to make them unveil well-kept secrets. In this way, the two friends find out that somebody`s happiness is possible only when it is built on somebody else`s unhappiness.
     Bedbugs, directed by Jan Henrik Stahlberg, is a German comedy about Rocky, a man in his `50s, who is convinced that his Casanova days are not over. But those days are definitely gone and that becomes obvious when a young man with zero talent at seducing ladies comes to his door, pretending to be his son.
     The documentaries list that are present at this year`s edition of the BUZZ CEE, includes titles such as Flying Revolution, Third-class Travel and Free Dacians.
     Flying Revolution, directed by Steve Won, is a touching story about Flying Steps, a famous German Breakdance group. How hard it is to keep your family and career and the B-Boy mobility for 20 years? Their story of success show us that it is possible, but not at all easy.
     Third-class Travel directed by the Russian director Rodion Ismailov is the story of the longest railway route in the world which unites Moscow and Vladivostok. From the third-class carriages the documentary gathers characters and stories, jokes and friendships that it organizes into a sincere, human portrait of Russia of nowadays, with all its contradictions and hopes, resignations and fascinations of the common citizen.
     The documentary Free Dacians / Dacii liberi, directed by Andrei Gorgan and Monica Lăzurean-Gorgan, has the following story: the inhabitants of a Dacian village, a group of people with mystical convictions, the administrator of the Sarmisegetuza Regia UNESCO site are united by their common passion for the Dacians, but they are divided by the different perspectives over one historic episode that becomes more and more popular in Romania.
     The third edition of the BUZZ CEE will end with the screening of Dovlatov, the latest film of the Russian director Alexey German Jr. This year it received two awards at the Berlin Film Festival. Dovlatov charts six days in the life of the brilliant, ironic writer Serghei Dovlatov, who saw far beyond the rigid limits of the Soviet Russia of the `70s.
     The screenings will take place at the George Ciprian Theater, the Amphitheater Hall of the County Center for Culture and Arts and at the Buzău County Museum.
     The access to all the screenings is free.
     BUZZ CEE 2018 is a project financed by the Buzău City Hall and by the Romanian Film Center.  

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