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Experimented in Romania: BIEFF 2015 at RCI

    At the beginning of December, the Bucharest International Experimental Film Festival had a special screening with Romanian short films that were part of the BIEFF program during its past editions. The event took place at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Bucharest and is part of a series with similar screenings which started on the 29th of November with a group of short films about the refugees  problem  and will continue in January 2016.
At RCI we met Ozana Nicolau, the executive director of the festival and we talked about how the production of Romanian experimental films increased during the past 5 years and about the profile of the film directors that submit their film – if the experimental films come from students or professionals – and also about the special screenings from December 2015 and January 2016 and about how the screening space may influence the receiving of the film.
     BIEFF 2016 will take place in March and those who are interested in the film industry and who want to find out how a festival is organized, may enter the internship program until the 5th of January. 
       The group of Romanian short films was followed by discussions with Simona Deaconescu, the director of the film Silent Places and with Dragoș Trăistaru, one of the three makers of Death by Diamonds and Pearls. The host of the evening was Andrei Tănăsescu.

Cinematography: Dan Țuculescu

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