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The 10th edition of the Visual Arts International Festival - VSLO

     This year the 10th edition of the Visual Arts International Festival – VSLO will take place from August 23 to September 1 and it will bring - like every year – the most important image people from Romania, Europe and USA to Vama Veche.
     This year the biggest visual arts festival in Romania has again a diverse program, with many free workshops and seminars on photography, film, painting and sculpture, which will take place in the partner locations: La Frontiera, Papa la Șoni and Acolo, Vama Veche. For this anniversary edition – which is also the last one in this format – the guest lecturers are from Romania, Greece, USA, Sweden, Poland and Norway.
     The practical courses offer is generous: workshops of action photography, product photography, street photography, photo-journalism or stage, theatre photography will take place daily, in different places in Vama Veche.
     The American photographer Chris Suspect returns to Vama Veche for the third time in a row, because he fell in love with the Romanian seaside and the VSLO Festival. He will holds a masterclass called “Making Sense out of Chaos” and a seminar, “Project-minded”.
     Vlad Eftenie will speak about “getting the memorable images with visual impact – about the way the images say visual stories.”. Cornel Lazia will share the participants the  “Horizon Tales”, while Vali Bărbulescu will address  a topic that at first sight may seem controversial, but which, on a deep level, it proves to be very interesting – “How NOT to become a photographer”.
     Adrenaline, cars, movement and photo shots, they all combine in Andrei Ciobică`s workshop, in which the action photo takes out to the light the best genre images.
     For the people who love food and the product photos, this year Cătălin Săvulescu has a new proposal at VSLO – a course on “the accent in the culinary/product photography”, splashed with handcrafted beer from Capra Noastră.
     This year, the famous Marek Czarnecki, a very important Polish photographer, distinguished with seven awards British OSKAR of MPA, will have two moments during VSLO: one course on the macro photography and an extremely interesting seminary on the vertical panoramas made with the help of the drones.
     A special genre of photography, the one dedicated to the stage and especially to the theatre, will be approached by Florin Ghioca, the official photographer of the National Theatre of Bucharest. The introduction into the world of the theatre photography will also be made with the help of a practical course during a theatre performance which will take place on this occasion at VSLO.
     Olav Urdahl also return to Vama Veche with a course on photo journalism.  With over 40 years of experience, he taught photography at the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences and at the Norwegian School of Photojournalism.
     The VSLO participants will be able to find out from Spyros Papaspyropoulos the way the street photography should be made, using an external flash in all the possible ways. As usual, Marian Sterea introduces the photographers into the pompous world, using light and… soul.
     The famous Swedish photographer Jeanette Hägglund will share her passion for architecture photography during a seminar organized the help of the Embassy of Sweden in Bucharest. During another seminar Dragoș Cristea and Andrei Apostol will discuss about analogue photography, which is less and less used in an era that is almost exclusively digital.
     A very appreciate course is the painting one. An artist who needs no introduction and whose talent was unanimously appreciated not only in Romania, but also abroad, is Daniel Prapone. His course addresses any art lover, with or without experience in painting. This principle applies for the sculpture course as well. The sculpture course participants will learn from Mircea Tocaci how to carve sea stones; the creations of the previous years will be included in an exhibition.
     The already familiar Equipment Fair will take place at VSLO, where the participants will be able to test the new equipments for free; they are offers by the festival partners: Canon, Sony, Citizen, 4K, Kino Flo, Dedolight.
     Because it`s a festival that spreads from “Here” to “There”, meaning, from one part of Vama Veche to the other, the mobility will be ensured by the trusty partners BMW, Mini and the Pegas Bicycles. The organizers thank the Swedish Embassy for all the support.
     The media partners of the festival are 24 FUN, Rough Guides, Agerpres and Radio Guerilla.

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