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Documentaries at One World Romania 2016

     The ninth Edition of the Documentary and Human Rights Festival One World Romania brings to the Bucharest viewers documentary features that discuss various issues of the contemporary society, the refugee crisis being just one of them.
     Other topics that have been recently brought into the focus of Romanian mass-media are domestic violence and rape. Under the program entitled: „Ochiul vânăt al dragostei noastre” („Hardcore”), there are 3 full-length features and 2 shorts reuniting stories from India, Tanzania, the United States of America, Belgium and Austria. India’ Daughter is maybe the most powerful feature of this section, and at its screenings scheduled on March 23rd and 24th the viewers will have the opportunity to meet with director Leslee Udwin.
     Under the same category of topics that must be brought into discussion more often are also the features in the section „Dincolo de cămașa de forță” („Cuckoo’s Nest”). The documentaries included here approach the world behind the walls of mental institutions in Germany, Austria, Italy and Croatia. Only Barberry Remains follows the efforts of an Austrian psychologist and of the escapees from a maximum security psychiatric wing in Germany to open an alternative therapy centre. Director Lia Sudermann will attend the screenings of the documentary feature on Thursday 24 March, and on Friday 25 March.
     Another section of this Edition of One World Romania was entitled „Trăim ca să muncim?” („Work”) and is to screen 3 European documentary features, but also an assortment of 8 shorts made at the Alexandru Sahia Studio. The features included under the program „Trăim ca să muncim?” („Do we live only to work?”) explore from various points of view the terrible state of the current labour market – a group of under-privileged youngsters from Norway refuse to comply with the market's requirements, several Greeks in dramatic situations try to restore things to a normal path, and a young Serbian man struggles to get out of the mining town he was born in and that offers him no perspective for the future.
     Further details at: One World Romania

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