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“The Wasps’ Nest” at ICR Istanbul

     The Romanian film nights are carried on at the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR) of Istanbul with the screening of the feature Cuibul de viespi/The Wasps' Nest, directed by Horea Popescu.
     The screening will be held on 23 September, 2016, from 19.00, at the headquarters of ICR Istanbul, the main partner of this event being the Romania Association for Social Assistance and Solidarity (Asociația România pentru Asistență și Solidaritate Socială).
     Through this project, ICR Istanbul aims at preserving and consolidating the cultural and identity relationships with the Romanian community in Istanbul, thus meeting the express desires of the diaspora or proposing events appreciated by them.
     ICR Istanbul sets up periodically such evenings dedicated to film lovers, in order to present as many Romanian films as possible, with the purpose to familiarise local viewers with Romanian productions and to give the Romanian community the opportunity to enjoy golden films made by their co-nationals.
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