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Cinepub celebrates 2 years with the online launching of “Somewhere in Palilula”

     At two years of age Cinepub becomes the biggest online collection of Romanian films, with 161 titles and 2,995,354 visits.
     On occasion of this anniversary the platform launches Undeva la Palilula/ Somewhere in Palilula, Silviu Purcarete’s – the theater master director – debut in film directing.
     The pic tells the story of Serafim, a young doctor unexpectedly assigned in Palilula, a small town lost on the country’s map, after the death of the pediatrician before him. Serafim will gradually adapt to this world of drunkenness, feasts and orgy and will smoothly begin to feel at home with his new friends.
     “Most likely among the impressive production efforts in the Romanian cinema since Daneliuc’s  Glissando, a grand film, dumbfound dropped  in the ocean of the minimalist Romanian expectations, unjustly wronged by the audience, critics  and festivals alike, a jewel made valuable by the light of a dusk in an illusory quiet afternoon or by the silent dawn of a silver moon on the interior sky of a country that does not exist, appreciated only by those completely hidden from their contemporaries, the more present the more blind,” says Lucian Georgescu about Somewhere in Palilula.
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