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ARTA Cinema organizes the online forum “Behind the scene: cultural spaces during the pandemic”

     The ARTA Cluj Cinema invotes the representatives of the independent cultural spaces, the cultural operators, the events organizers and the artists to the online forum “Behind the scene: cultural spaces during the pandemic” which will take 
place on July 23, 2020, in order to explore the inside story of the online content, activities and participation and also the perspectives of returning to the public space.
     From the very first measures imposed because of the global Coronavirus-19 pandemic, the cultural sector entered a critical functioning crisis: the cultural spaces were closed for a period of time which was not specified and the activity of the artists and of the independent cultural operators from Romania was profoundly affected.
     In the conditions of the present restrictions, the online became the new modus operandi both for the producers and for the artists. From the performative productions and films to festivals and comunitary activation campaigns, the art creators and producers test new ways of expression and ways of staying close to the public and to their online communities.
     The first online table will take place starting from 15:00 and it tackles the theme of the content and of the online participation. The guests are Doru Taloș (REACTOR de creație și experiment), Anca Caramelea (Pelicam), Mihai Crăiță (Eventbook) and the debated topics will be the programme and the strategies implemented by the orgnizations in this period of time, the opportunities and the content and online activities challenges and also the tendencies that were noticed in the online participation.
     The second round table will start at 17:00 and it will invite the participants to take a glimpse into the future and to discuss about the perspectives of returning to the physical space. Together with the guests Dorothee Hasnaș (Ordinul Arhitecților din România), Corina Șuteu (Insula 42, Making Waves) și Miki Braniște (Colectiv A Cluj), the participants are invited to discover the present challenges and opportunities regarding the organizing of the events in the public space.
     The sessions will be moderated by Corina Bucea (the Cluj Cultural Centre).
     The participation can be made here:, until July 21.
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