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Cinema ARTA Cluj launches the online program ART-At home

​     On Tuesday, May 12, 2020, the ARTA Cinema from Cluj-Napoca launches ARTA-At Home, an online film program dedicated to the friends of the cinema and to the film lovers from all over the country.
     During these difficult times for everybody, the ARTA Cinema team wishes to continue the work and to be close to the friends of the cinema and of the art film lovers.
     The ARTA-At home project launches on Tuesday, May 12: it is an online film program accessible on Eventbook. By means of this project, the friends of the ARTA Cinema and the film lovers from all over the country will be able to enjoy one film each day. In this way, they support the team and the activity and future of the cinema.
     The program of the films will be published weekly, every Friday, on the ARTA Cinema Facebook page and on the Eventbook page dedicated to the program
ARTA-At home.
     The films can be watched on the Eventbook platform only from 19:00 to 24:00, on the screening day, in Romania. The price of one ticket is 12 lei.
Details: Facebook

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