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The last season of childhood: ”Summer Is Over” – film review

The mystery of the block of flats with a red dot: “The Visitor” – film review

In the shadow of a murder: “Portraits in the forest” – film review

Tristețea vaselor comunicante: „Ana, mon amour“ – cronică de film

Lives for sale: “Fixeur” – film review

Arad-München, round trip: “That Trip We Took with Dad” – film review

The long waited earthquake: “6.9 on the Richter Scale” - film review

Acei cineclubiști minunați și modestele lor aparate: ”Camera obscură” – cronică de film

Hear ye, folks!...And quite some folks they are!!: “The Return of the Magi”–film review

The Rose from Moldova: “Eastern Business” – film review

To cut the Gordian knot: “Scarred Hearts” – film review

A Winning Ticket: “Two Tickets“ – film review

There is no room for new comers: “Dogs” –film review

Waiting for a priest…: “Sieranevada” – film review

What can you say about…?:#Selfie69 –film review

Run, Doctor, Run: “Graduation” - film review

The boredom and the comfort: “Double” –film review

Driving the ATV into the woods: “Tudo” – film review

Living by the Quick, not by the Dead; ”03.ByPass” – film review

The True Life Is Elsewhere: “By the Rails” – film review

With Love, About the Freedom to Choose: ”Illegitimate” – film review

“Transylvanian Garlic” or Groparu`s* Transylvania & co

A Child of the Cosmos: “The Miracle of Tekir” – film review

Foreboding the evil: „Orizont” – film review

The Dance of the Chimeras: “Muzeon - Ștefan Râmniceanu” –film review

I`d rather be bald than a swinger: ”Love is a Story” – film review

The Stories of One Night: „Bucharest NonStop” – film review

The people from behind small gestures: ”Back Home” – film review

”Youtube Bazaar”: The World of Bahoi - filmreview

The mathematical self-possession: „Box” –film review

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