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“#Selfie 69” campaign and Facebook promotion rules

     #Selfie 69 is the follow-up of the first feature signed by Cristina Iacob#Selfie. The follow-up is to be released in Romanian theatres in the fall of this year.
     Its promotion campaign also include a site ( posting regularly pages of Yasmine's (Crina Semciuc) diary, one of the three main female characters in #Selfie. Until now, the diary has revealed the girl's erotic experiences and her thoughts on this subject. The producers, by launching this site, challenged Facebook's advertising rules, which ban any content that may be aggressive to the viewers, or that may be offensive through references to sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, age etc. Mention should be made that a short while ago, Facebook refused, for similar reasons, to allow the posting on the film's page of the film's official poster. Such Facebook ban on the advertisement is being used during the promotion campaign as a mark for the film's boldness.
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