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“Dogs” released in theatres on September 23th

     After a debut winning awards at Cannes and at TIFF, Câini/Dogs, directed by Bogdan Mirică, will be released in Romanian theatres on 23 September, being distributed by Transilvania Film.
     At TIFF, the debut feature by Bogdan Mirică was also an audience success: all screenings were sold out, including the additional ones scheduled due to the large demand for tickets. The heroes of the film are actors Dragoş BucurVlad Ivanov and Gheorghe Visu. They were joined, in supporting roles, by Teodor CorbanRaluca AproduCostel Caşcaval and Constantin Cojocaru.
     Compared to Joel and Ethan Coen brothers' films, Dogs was described as a “Dobrogea western”, “Balkans anti-western”, thriller with noir elements. “Vengeance and Romanian mafia in a film of contagious violence,” Les Inrockuptibles stated. “Director/scriptwriter Bogdan Mirică comes with a very assured debut, juggling a lot of sinister clues and smouldering complicities,” Screen Daily wrote. “In a Cannes that has given us a lot of pleasures, but very few real surprises or revelations, Mirica’s debut stands out as both surprise and revelation - and certainly contributes to redrawing the map of Romanian cinema that we thought we knew so well,” renowned American critic Jonathan Romney wrote in Film Comment.
     The action is set close to the Ukraine border. Roman, a city boy, goes to an isolated village in Dobrogea, where he intends to sell the land he inherited from his grandfather who passed away a couple of months earlier. While he tries to close the deal, Roman gradually becomes the witness of bizarre events. A general sense of menace is in the air.
     Director Bogdan Mirică is also the script writer, the cinematography was signed by Andrei Butică, the editing – by Roxana Szel, and the scenography belongs to Augustina Stanciu. The shooting took place last summer, on location in Brăila, Galați, Teleorman and Giurgiu.
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