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Bucharest Art Film Festival announces the 2016 Edition’s programme

     The Bucharest Art Film Festival making its debut between 8-11 September, at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant (MȚR) Cinema, announces its official programme including screenings, debates, exhibitions, seminars and Q&A sessions.
     For three days, the Bernea Hall of the MȚR Cinema will host the art festival dedicated to Constantin Brâncuși on the 140-year anniversary since the artist's birth. The event comprises foreign and Romanian film screenings, productions directed from 1972 until 2016, following which the viewers are invited to take part to Q&A sessions with the films' makers.
     The Festival will open on September 8th at the Romanian Cultural Institute (ICR). The start of Bucharest Art Film Festival (BAFF) will be marked by Brancusi filmé, an archive documentary with images by and with Brâncuși from 1922 - 1938. The viewing will be accompanied by the piano impro by Mircea Tiberian.
     During the next days, the following debates are scheduled: “Advertising art: culture campaigns and endorsements” and “The art of loving our heritage”, these events being attended by experts in the field. The final day of the Festival will make room for a seminar acting as an introductory lesson on the life and work of the artist to whom the first Festival's edition is dedicated: “Brâncuși for beginners”.
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BAF Programme
Thursday, 8 September 2016 / ICR
Opening of the Bucharest Art Film Festival Brancusi filmé | with piano accompaniment by Mircea Tiberian
Friday, 9 September / Cinema MȚR - Horia Bernea Hall / free of charge admission
16:00 Debate: Advertising art: culture campaigns and endorsements.
18:00 Brâncuși or the school on how to look | DIRECTED BY: Jean Pradinas 55’ (1972) | screenplay by Marin Sorescu.
19:15 Coloana sau lecția despre infinit/The Column or the Lesson on Infinite | DIRECTED BY: Laurențiu Damian 44’ (2002) + Q&A*
20:30 În căutarea tatălui/In Search of the Father | DIRECTED BY: Ionuț Teianu 60’ (2015) + Q&A*
Saturday, 10 September / Cinema MȚR - Horia Bernea Hall / Admission free of charge
16:00 Debate: The art of loving our heritage
18:00 Sculpture: Brâncuși | DIRECTED BY: Alain Fleischer 26’ (2013)
           Bourdelle | DIRECTED BY: Jean Baptiste Mathieu 26’ (2013)
19:00 Constantin Brancusi | DIRECTED BY: Tony Cragg (BBC) 48’ (1992)
20:00 Cumințenia Pământului/Wisdom of the Earth | DIRECTED BY: Manase Radnev and Constantin Chelba 55’ (1991) / Q&A*
Sunday, 10 September / Cinema MȚR - Horia Bernea Hall / Admission free of charge
16:00 Seminar: Brâncuși for beginners
18:30 La un pas de eternitate/A Step Away from Eternity | DIRECTED BY: Alexandru Maftei 15' (2016)
19:00 Brâncuși | DIRECTED BY: Cornel Mihalache 77’ (1996) / Q&A*
21:00 Regele Rodin/King Rodin | DIRECTED BY: Alain Fleischer 52’ (2013) | Recommended 16+

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