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Bogdan Mirică and Igor Cobileanski are preparing “Shadows”, season 2, at HBO

     In full promotion campaign for his feature film debut, Câini/Dogs, produced by 42km Film, Bogdan Mirică is already in pre-production stage with the season 2 of the series Umbre/Shadows at HBO. He has already written the screenplay and is to direct a part of the episodes. The others will be directed by Igor Cobileanski, as was the case during the first season.
     After the audience success of the first 8 episodes, where the story was adapted after an Australian series, the management of HBO agreed to the original continuation of the screenplay. The shoot is to start soon, with the same cast and the same director of photography, Andrei Butică.
     Igor Cobilenski will also take part to the promotion campaign of the film he wrote and directed, Afacerea Est/Eastern Affair, produced by Alien Film.

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