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Public Debate: Suggested changes for the Cinema Law

     On Tuesday, August the 2nd 2016 the public debate regarding the changes suggested by the Ministry of Culture (O.G. nr. 39/2005) regarding the cinema took place at the Symposium Hall at the National Library and it was moderated by the Minister for Public Consultation and Civic Dialogue, Violeta Alexandru.
The proposals for the changes were made by a group of specialists invited by the Ministry of Culture: Cristian MungiuTudor GiurgiuPaul NegoescuFlorin Mihăilescu,Bogdan Mustață, Oana Radu, Alex TrăilăAndrei Rus and AncaDrăgoi.
The public debate included nine depositions that had been previously sent to the Ministry of Culture, by Alexandru Molico - screenwriter, Dorin Goagă–vicepresident of ANCR, Mircea Bucur – President of the Travelling Book Foundation, Radu Nicolae–film producer, Ada Solomon –film producer, Bujor T. Rîpeanu –film critic and historian, Kiki Vasilescu–director and screenwriter, Cătălin Cristuțiu – president of the Associationof the Film Post-Production Profesisonals, Ioan Onisei– T.N.B.Adjunct General Manager.Furthermore, there was one more intervention, the one of Florin Paraschiv - director of photography and former member of the Administration Council with the National Film Center.
Cinematography: Nicolae Cara

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