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Arkadia Shortfest 2018, Screenings on the Corbu Beach

     The 5th edition of Arkadia ShortFest will be held between from August 15 to 18, 2018, by the seaside.
     Filmmakers from countries such as Spain, Portugal, Philippines, France, Belgium, Estonia, Slovakia, Iran, Hungary, Brasil and Great Britain will have their short films presented on the Arkadia Shortfest screen.
     This year the two sections of the festival include 23 films from 12 countries – the student competition (student fiction short film) includes 8 productions and the non-competitional section (professional fiction, documentary or animated short film) includes 15 productions.
     During the final three days of the festival, the audience will be able to enjoy 4 groups of films of the two sections, carefully picked by the two programmers of the festival, Gabriela Suciu and Martin Gonda: “While constantly exploring the future of the short films, Arkadia pays tribute to the past, by opening the festival with the screening of the film Loving Vincent, one of the nominated films at the Oscars, for the feature-length animated films. It will be followed by the Retrospective of the winning films of the previous years. For this edition, the festival promises a student competition full of young, talented, innovative filmmakers with many awards, who use a large range of shooting techniques that intend to challenge the audience with some unique film experiences which start by trying to entertain and which get to the point of tackling crucial social problems.”
     The films from the official selection will be screened at Unbar, near the Corbu Beach.
     The competition section includes the following productions: Mezzo Piano! (directed by Eugen Dediu, 2018, Romania, 17 min), The Test (directed by Gregor Valentovič, 2016, Slovakia, 28 min), Misterul unui caz simplu (directed by Vera Surățel, 2017, Romania, 18 min), Husband Jan with Family (directed by Pavol Čižmár, 2016, Slovakia, 20 min), Aterizare de urgență (directed by Lorand Gabor, 2017, Romania, 20 min), Birthday Night (directed by Omid Shams, 2017, Iran, 23 min), Narcis și Fifi (directed by Șerban Racovițeanu, 2017, Romania, 29 min) and Magic Moments (directed by Martina Buchelová, 2016, Slovakia, 20 min).
     The non-competition section includes the productions: Cadoul de Crăciun (directed by Bogdan Mureșanu, 2018, Romania, 23 min), Lost in The Middle (directed by  Senne Dehandschutter, 2017, Belgium, 16 min), Night Painting (directed by  Cristina Groșan, 2016, Hungary, 17 min), Para ayer (directed by  Celia Galán, 2018, Spain, 6 min), The Good Fight (directed by Ben Holman, 2017, Brasil / Great Britan, 16 min), Kun’ Di Man / If Not (directed by  Alem Ang, 2016, Philippines, 19 min), Inlove (directed by  Lopez Les Frères, 2018, France, 7 min), Bystander (directed by  Sheyda Kashi, 2017, Iran, 9 min), Wild Game(directed by  Jerónimo Sarmiento, 2018, Estonia / Portugal, 24 min), Alazia (directed by  Cristian Pascariu, 2018, Romania, 14 min), Nikki Marianne (directed by  Guillaume Caramelle, 2017, Franța, 15 min), Silent Campine (directed by  Steffen Geypens, 2017, Belgium, 15 min), La parcelle (directed by  Michaël Guerraz, 2018, Belgium / France, 19 min), Cazatalentos (directed by José Herrera, 2018, Spain, 7 min) and Un día en el parquet (directed by  Diego Porral, 2017, Spain, 3 min).
If in the previous four editions the trophy was offered following the vote of the audience, the novelty of this fifth edition is the fact that it will be chosen by a jury made of film professionals. The members of the jury are Ionuț Mareș, Georgiana Mușat and Bogdan Th. Olteanu and they will choose the winner of the student competition.
     Furthermore, this fifth edition brings “a special section, Focus: Academy of Performing Arts Bratislava (VSMU Bratislava), which brings the best productions of the present Slovakian student films” (Gabriela Suciu).
     The Arkadia Shortfest Film Festival is organized by the Arkadia Cultural Association, in partnership with Unibar.
     Details: Arkadia Shortfest

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