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Anim’est 2016

   For 11 years, the Anim`est Film Festival has had the capacity of being a magnet for all the filmmakers that are passionate about animation, from our country and from abroad. It started as a modest but ambitious project, as Laurențiu Brătan recalls. Anim`est has a complex competitionalprogram, numerous guests in the jury or for the masterclassMinimest and the programs for children and grown-ups.
     The fame of the festival grew so much that the winners add the laurels logo on the film credits as Mihai Mitrică, the general director says. The Anim`est proposal for Cartoon d`Or, the film Yùl and The Snake, the winner of the 2015 Trophy, directed by Gabriel Harel, is the winner of the 2016 Cartoon d`Or. The French filmmaker was invited as a member of the jury and explained to us the importance of his film being part of the Anim`est competition. 
     This year, Worksheep Animation, the workshop led by VladIlievici, had two editions, with many trainers; three music videos were made.
With each edition, the Romanian competition is more important, with more productions. In 2016, the Best Romanian Film is Mom, Dad, I Have to Tell You Somethingmade by Paul Mureșan, who in 2015 received the same award for Baby Nap.
Skateboarding is not a crime, a short film directed by Cristian Radu, as part of his UNATC Master`s Degree in animation program, received a special mention.
The 2016 edition was dedicated to the cat Luna and to Felix the Cat, but the sheep continues to be the festival logo.
Cinematography: Nicolae Cara, Valeriu Ciubotaru

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