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Nomadic Balkan Love at Divan Film Festival 2017

    Passionate and diverse, Balkan love stories came to life in movies, and the most interesting of them will be gathered in Craiova and Port Cultural Cetate of Dolj County (18-26 August), at the 8th Edition of Divan Film Festival.

   This Edition's programme includes 18 feature films, of which 17 in national premiere. The film opening the edition dedicated to Balkan love is Bourek (Greece/Cyprus/USA, 2016), a bitter-sweet comedy where the protagonists are travelling, eating and loving on the fictional island of Chronos, a sign that Balkan love has a longing for travelling, but it also resists the test of time.In the feature film by director Vladan Nikolic, bourek is a dish fiercely disputed by Greeks, Turks, Albanians or Bulgarians and, at the same time, a pretext for conversations carried on late into the night, uniting or breaking apart couples, creating new couples or destroying them.
   A holiday air with Balkan love perfume is also coming from A Brief Excursion / Kratki izlet (directed by Igor Bezinovic, Croatia, 2017) and from Wind / Vetar (directed by Tamara Drakulic, Serbia, 2016), to be screened in national premiere in Port Cultural Cetate during the second week of Divan Film Festival. Itinerant love is depicted inLight Thereafter (directed by Konstantin Bojanov, Bulgaria/ Belgium, 2017), a road travelled by the protagonist in reverse, at the end of which he finds himself, while in Exotica, Erotica, Etc. (directed by Evangelia Kranioti, France/ Greece 2015), love is at home on the road.
     Divan Film Festival will take place between 18 – 20 Augustin Craiova (Old Town), and between 21 – 26 Augustin Portul Cultural Cetate. Admission will be free of charge to all Divan Film Festival screenings and concerts. During the Festival, camping will be free of charge in Portul Cultural Cetate, and registrations may be made through a message on the Divan Film Festival's Facebook page.
     Divan Film Festival is a cultural project set up by “Mircea Dinescu” Foundation for Poetry and co-funded by the National Cultural Fund Administration, with the support of the Town Hall of Craiova Municipality, of the National Filmmaking Centre and of the Romanian Cultural Institute.
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