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44 projects registered with the Civil Society Pitch workshop

     At the „Civil Society Pitch” workshop, 40 non-governmental organisations together with human rights' activists registered, and also 24 Romanian directors and documentary producers.
     The workshop is to be held during March 25 - 27 in Bucharest, and the short-listed projects will be announced until March 4th.
     The themes of the projects entered with the „Civil Society Pitch” reflect, through their diversity, the civil society's need to promote a wide range of subjects to a large audience, thus confirming the importance of a Festival focusing on human rights and documentary features in 2016 Romania.
     The immigrants' and the homeless people situation, sexual harassment, domestic violence, gender equality, poverty effects, use of public money, electoral system, pollution in Bucharest, urban farming, Letea Forest's situation, Big Brother laws – these are just a few of the topics proposed in the projects registered with the One World Romania 2016 Festival. Full data on „Civil Society Pitch” can be found here.
     Further details on: One World Romania

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