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Cinepub Premiere – “I Am an Old Communist Fag”, by Stere Gulea

     25 years after MoromeţiiStere Gulea (directing), Vivi Drăgan Vasile (cinematography) and Luminiţa Gheorghiu (the actress playing the part of Emilia) collaborate on a new novel adaptation:  I Am an Old Commhnist Fag / Sunt o babă comunistă!, by Dan Lungu. The film also features Ana UlaruMarian RâleaȘerban Pavlu.
     Emilia, a card-carrying Communist before the Revolution, has nostalgia for the Communist rule in Romania, triggered by two concurrent but unrelated events.
     Stere Gulea says: “the audience should expect something that is less common in the Romanian cinema nowadays: normality, humour, people who care for one another, who have a strong sense of solidarity. I Am an Old Communist Fag is a film with normal, simple people who make us see that the world is not only full of shortages.”

Tags: ana ularu,, luminita gheorghiu, stere gulea, sunt o baba comunista film